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For a "Green Approach" to pest, weed & termite control services, Eco Pest LLC, offers our exclusive ECO-Safe Systems.  These systems are not only safer, but they outperform conventional methods for a lower price.  Interior toxins are the leading cause of allergy, athsma, and other breathing issues for your family & pets.  Eco Pest can help.      -Safe Clean ECO•GREEN-. 

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Did you know: The Central American Tree Frog can consume over 1000 insects per year, but is one of the most environmentally delicate creatures on the planet. Because this cute little guy represents a perfect balance of "natural pest control" within the harmony of nature, we have incorporated him into our logo as a symbol of our dedication to nature's balance.

 ECO PEST provides a variety of services including: 

  • Southern Arizona's ONLY natural pest control company
  • Pest, Termite, Weed Control, and Critter Services
  • Exclusive ECO SAFE & ECO PURE systems
  • 100% Natural ECO PURE service
  • Non-Toxic Botanical & Natural Pesticides
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Uniquely customized seasonal treatments
  • FREE Basic Rodent Control
  • No Hassle Scheduling, Service, & Payments
  • No Invoicing and No Late Notice Options Available

We offer everything you want and need at a lower price that you've probably seen. The friendliest, most informative pest company in Tucson! Any questions, concerns, or problems...
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